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Gosh, I've not posted on my blog for a while😁

My excuse is that it's been my 50th birthday in half term and I've been celebrating for about 2 weeks!!!

It's been absolutely fabulous! Went to Brighton with my hubby and our 2 teenagers for a couple of nights for my actual birthday. We got a really beautiful flat right by the pier and it was so good to be back in Brighton. One of my favourite places ❤

We had yummy food, gorgeous cocktails, shopping, then did a zip wire along the ⛱😱🤪

Then since then I've been going out for lunch or dinner with various friends and it has made my birthday feel like it's gone for so long🤗

Have felt very spoilt with all the love from my family and friends. Back to reality now and today it's raining, my garden needs it 🤣🌧

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